Chilliwack BC

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Memory Boxes/Boards
& Altered art

I simply love making these treasured memory items for humans and canines.  Boxes are approximately 17 x 11 and open up to store treasured memory items.  Canvas Boards can be made any size you wish from 8 x 10 on up.  All you have to do is email me the photos, give me some ideas of what kind of things the family liked to do and leave it to me to produce something wonderful.

Grab Tabs

These tabs are a necessity as far as I am concerned.  I leave mine on their collars 24/7 which makes it so easy just to grab the tab when they are off leash whenever I need control over them - made from parachute cord which never rots or gets smelly even when wet all the time - only $10 - many colours available. Nice and short so dog doesn't trip or get foot caught yet long enough to hang onto.