Redgold, Perm Reg'd (Wherokoura) Golden Retrievers

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OTCH U-CD Buchanan Blu Keeza  UTD WCX JH AM CD TD WCX JH       

June  10th 1993—September  30th 2005

Keeza was my first dog ever and my introduction to this wonderful breed.  He passed away at almost 12 years old from cancer.  We didn't know he was even sick until the day we lost him - which is common in goldens, they are so brave and stoic.   He had a wonderful temperament and was my “soul” mate.  Together Keeza and I EASILY earned 13 titles, most of them before he was 4 years old.  The bond he and I had can never be broken and his heart will beat inside mine forever.  He was the most trainable, obedient, loyal, loving companion a person could wish for and his puppies continue to live up to these traits also.—Keeza died September 30th, 2005.  I don’t believe my heart will ever heal from this devastating loss.

Fyreglo Dances With Redgold TD WCI JH CDX AM CDX JH WCX   

October 1998 —August 2008

Scarlett was a once in a life-time girl, a very very special red dog, so sweet, with a temperament breeders dream of having in their lines.  She simply was amazing.  She and accomplished many titles together, some her way, some my way.

She did her best winning as a veteran in 2007—it was a wonderful year that I will never forget.  More often than not, she won any battle we had over what was important to her in her life, her priorities were tennis balls, food and the couch, in that order.  She loved to retrieve and would swim all day if allowed.  Scarlett spend her last days with us swimming at the lake and being fed anything she wanted.  When it was time to let her go, she passed peacefully in my arms.

My heart hurts every day from the loss of this amazing dog.  She lived to 11 1/2 and died from hemangio.  She never missed a meal her entire life until we were camping the summer of 2014 and I knew something was wrong.  She travelled to Kansas city with us and across Canada from west to the farthest east - having the time of our lives at dog shows and just having fun.  She was so very very special.  I will never have another one like her.  I just wish for one more day with her.