Puppy Plans

Puppy Plans

Rumour will be bred in February of 2024 and Sailor will be bred in March. Puppies will be ready to leave early July.

I am very fortunate to normally sell my puppies long before they are even born. It is normal for me to have a full list before the girls are even bred. I am so grateful for this, but it also means, if you are interested in a puppy from me, you need to contact me a long time in advance. If pregnancy occurs, puppies are born approx 9 weeks after being bred, ready to leave 7-8 weeks after that.

Please contact me me for puppy plan information.

My puppies are raised inside where, every day, they are introduced to all the sights and sounds of a normal household. I firmly believe this helps them to easily make the transition to their new homes. When we are home and the weather suitable, they spend a portion of the day outside, where there is a wading pool (in the summer), a tire and tunnel to play in. This outside time gives them more room to run and more places to explore and challenges for their motor skills.

When purchasing a puppy from me, after you first contact me, I will send you an application form. After completing the form, you email it back to me and I will go through it. I do ask for a $300 deposit either when I can confirm pregnancy or when they are born. That deposit does not guarantee you a puppy. Until the puppies are ready to leave and have passed all their health checks anything can happen. Visits with the puppies start when they are three weeks old. If I do not have a puppy for you, the deposit is refunded. My puppies usually then go home the first weekend after they turn 7 weeks old and you can pick up in Castlegar. I the mid winter months, we usually bring them to Kelowna.

I send pictures of the puppies 2 or 3 times a week from birth (literally) through to when you take your puppy home. I make the decision as to which puppy goes to which home based on your home’s needs (children, elderly parents, other animals etc.) and the puppy’s temperament. This helps ensure the right puppy goes to the right home. Each puppy goes home with a blanket and stuffed animal (with its littermates scent on it) to help ease its transition. I hear from my puppy owners that their puppies settle in very quickly with minimal time up at night.

I try very hard to ensure my “puppy people” are comfortable with discussing any concerns they have with me, from wanting to change their mind about buying a puppy through to calling me any time, day or night, with a potential problem or questions, without them having any concerned about how I will react. Each time I raise a litter, I am happy and very satisfied that through careful and conscientious breeding plans, I have brought a happy, healthy well adjusted puppy and a loving new home together where they can enjoy and love each other for hopefully, the next 10+ years.